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Hot rods!  Fast cars! Loud cars! Old Trucks! This site is dedicated to all of the above and more. Keep watching, this site will eventually become an online magazine of sorts. 

 I was a kid hanging out in the garage while my uncles and cousins built hot rods and raced front engine dragsters.  As I got older I built some cars and trucks of my own.  I showed several different cars and trucks at the Starbird shows, came away with some tall trophies too.  I have been involved with motorsports all my life.  I've built sand dragsters, monster trucks, and show cars.  I've worked on drag cars, pull trucks, and rock crawlers.  I have owned too many cars to count, and still have too many with the price of insurance being what it is. Yes,  I even have a couple of muscle cars.  But a few years back I started a project that has been the most fun of any I've done. This "truck" combined all that was cool, (in my opinion) from all the vehicles I have ever seen.

I wanted a low, mean stance.  I wanted a stretched tube frame with a full roll cage.  I wanted  big beefy tires in back and skinnys up front.  Moons, old style Crager SS 4 inch wheels, LOUD weed burner exhaust.  A four inch chop would do but maybe I should have gone five. What I got was more than I could have ever imagined.  I built it in three months time on a very small budget.  It is not especially fast in the quarter, don't tell anybody because no matter what I am sitting next to at the light, the look and sound is very intimidating. The drag chute on the back helps in that department.  Some of the pictures on this site are early pictures and as with most of my projects this one is ever evolving. The latest addition is the dual quad carbs. Over carbureted, I know, the Y block has trouble forcing down that much gas. But  I built it the way I wanted. Right or wrong, good or bad, this one is built for fun. I have never waxed it. Some rust still shows. But I get an uncontrolled grin when I start it up.

Which leads me to "BONEHEAD CUSTOMZ." I wanted a site I could gather information for from like minded people.  BONEHEAD is for people who like to do things their way. It may not be the standard, but it is not a copy of anything. There is a style of car ( or truck) that  can be categorized . If you call it a ratter, rat rod, old school, or just a Hot Rod which is what I prefer, it  does not matter. The important thing to remember is I don't care what you think.  I built this one for me. 

Bonehead Customz does a lot of custom fabrication. But I am not here to sell you fabrication over the Internet. Besides, I am too busy in the shop anyway, I have no plans to hire extra people to yell at so I can have a shot at a TV show.

This site  will showcase other peoples ideas  too (If I like them). I expect it to evolve and change over time. Look for me at events, I will be taking photos of hotrods and featuring them on this site.  Look around the site. Be sure and check out my shirts, I have many designs and will be producing them as shirts in the near future. Did I tell you I do a little art on the side?

Anyway, I hope you like the site.  Or not, whatever.


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